Curbside collection is delayed one day due to Memorial Day holiday. For holiday facility hours and closings, click here.

Curb It!

Know what can & can't be recycled

Knowing what can be recycled can be tricky. Many items can be recycled in your Curb It! container, however shredded paper have special requirements.

Learn more about what is Accepted & Not Accepted.

Curbside Recycling

Curb It! is the curbside recycling program for most residents in Central Iowa and is managed by Metro Waste Authority. This service strives to make recycling easy - just as easy as throwing things in the trash. By making recycling simple, residents keep valuable material out of the landfill. This preserves resources and extends the life of landfill.

Can You Participate?

Find out by clicking on Collection Information and then select your community.

What Can Be Recycled?

What can be recycled is determined by markets and technology not necessarily the recycling symbol.  Learn more about what is Accepted and Not Accepted in Curb It!

Collection Day & Calendar

Collection is every other week and almost always coincides with garbage day.

Get Another Cart - Curb It! Extra

If you routinely run out of cart space, you may want to consider participating in the Curb It! Extra program, which gives residents a second cart for $30 per year. To enroll, call Metro Waste Authority at 515.244.0021.

Before You Toss

  • Briefly rinse accepted recyclables.
  • Do not bundle in plastic bags - Plastic bags are not recyclable. When recyclables are put in a plastic bag, the bag and everything in it goes to the landfill.
  • Breakdown boxes, smash bulky items - Especially around the holidays and special events, your cart fills up fast. It is a good idea to cut down boxes and smash items that take space, such as milk jugs.

Program Overview


Metro Waste Authority oversees the program and provides recycling education. But Curb It! wouldn't be possible without two partners chosen through a competitive process.

  • Waste Management is the contracted hauler responsible for collecting recyclables from residents' curbs and delivering them to the recycling sorting facility.
  • Mid America Recycling is the contracted sorting facility responsible for receiving, sorting and reselling the materials. If you're interested in learning more about this process, we invite you to take a tour.

Why Not Weekly?

Right now, every other week collection is the best balance to meet varying needs of families who recycle different quantities. This allows most people to recycle everything they can, without having unnecessary trucks on the streets.

Contamination Policy

Metro Waste Authority, the recycling hauler and the city staff work together to address misuse of the recycling program. Learn about this Contamination Policy and how it aims to educate residents.