Construction and Demolition

Rubble Recycling - Only Accepted Monday to Friday

Acceptance Hours

Monday to Saturday

Metro Waste Authority offers Rubble Recycling at Metro Park East Landfill. Our staff crushes this material and uses it for road base at the landfill.

Pricing & Details

Accepted Materials Cost/Ton


  • Asphalt, brick, concrete, granite, concrete slabs, and other rock and rubble is accepted. Rebar in the loads are acceptable, but no other metal, wood debris, cardboard, plastic, garbage, or any other construction debris can be mixed in these loads


  • Material is crushed and reused, so size is restricted
  • Must be no larger than 2x2 foot
  • Slabs not allowed

Clean Wood

  • Wood pallets, wood crates, clean untreated lumber, no paint, and no stain. No plywood or particle board is allowed.
Shingles (In Service Area) $20.00
Shingles (Out of Service Area)



  • We will accept all non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metals, copper, scrap aluminum and aluminum cans, brass, all alloys, lead, carbide inserts, stainless steel solids, and shavings, exotic metals, scrap iron and steel, used/reused iron and steel. Loads cannot contain anything other than the above-mentioned matals.
Commingled Waste



Unaccepted Materials in Loads

If the material below is found in the load, the Construction & Demolition rate will apply. 

  • Wood debris
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Garbage
  • Any other construction debris
  • Treated, painted, or stained wood

Local Options

Construction & Demolition Debris

Businesses and residents can refer to our online guide to view local options for recycling or safe disposal of these types of materials: