Business Recycling: Starting & Growing Your Program

Property owners, facility and apartment managers and area companies can access the resources below to implement convenient recycling at your locations.

Start a Recycling Program

When you download the Fact Sheet for Property/Apartment Owners, Businesses & Green Teams, you'll find the process to implement a successful recycling program, as well as how to continue to expand your recycling beyond paper, plastics, metal and glass.

Download Fact Sheet

Waste Assessment Resources

The Iowa Waste Exchange and the Iowa Waste Reduction Center provide waste audits to businesses. Take advantage of these free services and other resources they provide. You can also use these forms to "do-it-yourself" or ask your garbage hauler to assist you.

Employee & Tenant Education

To maximize the benefits of your recycling program, you have to educate your employees and tenants on what and how to recycle. Below are tools to assist you.

Other Resources

  • Signs, Decals: Recycle Across America is working to standardize recycling signs and labels. You can purchase signs from them, if applicable to your workplace recycling options. Recycling rules do vary across the country, so it's still a challenge.
  • Plastic Recycling: Recycle Your Plastics helps you educate your workforce by best practices for plastic terminology. It also includes royalty-free image gallery of plastic containers.
  • Employee Activities: The Recycling at Work initiative offers a 10-Step Action Plan including materials and resources for launching a program. Step six offers activities for Green Teams to use with employees. 

Tips for Property Owners & Businesses

Finding a Recycling Hauler

Metro Waste Authority does not provide this service, except for those meeting Curb It! for Business requirements. We encourage businesses and property owners  to contact an area garbage/recycling hauler using the phone book or by searching the internet. Metro Waste Authority does not endorse any particular company.

NOTE: Metro Waste Authority is often listed, as our services are so closely connected.

Hazardous Waste Services

Metro Waste Authority may be able to assist you with recycling and disposal options for hazardous materials (e.g. CFL light bulbs, batteries, cleaning products). Learn more how we serve the business community.

Search Recycling Guide for Other Materials

Search our Recycling & Disposal Guide by material type to find local companies who recycle materials beyond the paper, plastics, metal and glass commonly recycled together. Search using our A-Z Listing for possible ideas.

Food Waste

We offer solutions for food reduction, rescue and recycling in our Recycling Guide. Businesses struggling to recycle food waste can use our Food-to-Energy Calculator. Simply estimate your annual tons of food waste and it calculates the energy created when food waste breaks down at Metro Park East Landfill.

NOTE: When using this document, type in the amount of food waste generated on an annual basis and the rest of the fields will populate data for your end use.

Request a Presentation

Do you have a green team or group of 10 or more interested in learning about this process? Request a presentation to "Start Recycling at Work" or "Learn Local Recycling Guidelines" to ensure successful implementation at your company.