Other Special Waste

Metro Park East and Metro Park West landfills accept various types of Special Waste, as it requires specific handling to protect the environment. Below are some of the Special Waste we accept:

Commercial/Industrial Waste
This is non-hazardous industrial process waste, treated infectious waste and similar potentially harmful waste that requires special handling. Examples include processed sludge, ash, filters, sandblast media and dusty wastes. Commercial and industrial waste must not contain "free" liquids and must be containerized if it can become airborne.

Petroleum Contaminated Soils
These soils are non-hazardous and contaminated with petroleum products. This type of waste is treated by aeration and then used as a daily cover. This waste is only accepted at Metro Park East.

Other Special Waste
These waste streams require special handling, such as spill cleanup materials, off-specification products, animal carcasses, drums and pressurized containers.