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Disposing of hazardous waste as a business looks a little different. Our team works with your business to audit current disposal and storage situations as well as purchasing procedures to find less hazardous and more cost-effective alternatives.

Determine if you are eligible: 

To qualify for our services, your business must produce small amounts of hazardous waste and fall under the EPA's Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG) requirements. The three basic qualifications for your business include:

  1. Produce under 220 lbs. of hazardous waste per month (approximately half of a 50-gallon drum, four 5-gallon buckets or 20 one-gallon cans).
  2. Store under 2,200 lbs of hazardous waste on site at one time.
  3. Contains less than 2.2 lbs. of acutely hazardous waste at any time (approximately one quart).