Aluminum & Tin Cans

Many aluminum and tin cans are recyclable through:


  • Aluminum cans
  • Non-hazardous aerosol containers, empty, no lids.
  • Tin cans, including the lids.

    The labels no longer need to be removed from the can prior to recycling. The lid is also recyclable. It's easiest to put the lid back in the can before tossing it in your cart; be careful not to cut yourself! There is a magnet at the sorting facility that captures the lids to prevent injury of the employees.

Not Recyclable in Curbside Recycling

More Information

Bendable aluminum, such as pans and foil, aren't recyclable through the curbside program, because the material sticks on the blades and gunks up the machines in the manufacturing process.

Also Applies to:

RECYCLABLE: soup cans, tuna cans, fruit cans, vegetable cans, pop cans, beer cans, hairspray, food, metal cans, aerosols, wire hangers, tin lids, popcorn tins, candy tins.