Now that you’ve got your package, what do you do with the cardboard?

  1. Pull the packing materials

Although the cardboard is highly encouraged in your Curb It! cart, the packing materials like styrofoam and plastic aren’t recyclable. Be sure to pull all the packing materials out of your box before you toss it in the cart!

  1. Break it down

If you tend to have a full cart every two weeks, breaking down your cardboard boxes is a great way to save some space! If the box is still too big to fit in your cart, consider cutting it down.

  1. Still can’t make it fit?

For those times when the cardboard is just too massive, we offer recycling drop-off’s throughout the metro. These are free and open to all residents! Check out a location near you.

  1. One more thing pizza lovers…

Although it’s made of cardboard, pizza boxes are NOT recyclable. The cheese and grease stains the cardboard which puts it in the contamination category. If you want to be a superstar recycler, you could rip off the top part, that isn’t stained with grease, and recycle that.

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