Cars, Vehicles & Auto Parts


  • Alter Metal Recycling, 515.265.7377
  • Hope Ministries, 515.265.7272
  • Iowa Auto Recyclers - List of automotive recycling businesses (salvage yards)
  • JP Scrap, 515.266.7050
  • Metro Park East Landfill - NOTE: Campers/RVs must have appliances removed before they can be placed in the landfill. They can be disposed of in the appliance recycling area after paying the $10 fee. Tires will need to be removed at the working face and disposed of in the tire recycling area after paying the appropriate tire fee. Boats/Boat Trailers must have motors drained of gas and oil. If disposing of a boat trailer, tires must be removed at the working face, disposed of in the tire recycling area and the appropriate tire fee paid.
  • Metro Park West Landfill - See Metro Park East Landfill 
  • Salvation Army, 515.243.4277, accepts working and non-working
  • Teen Challenge of the Midlands, 1.888.344.HOPE, accepts working and non-working
  • Wheels for Wishes accepts working and non-working vehicles. Tow away is free.1.855.368.9474
  • Goodwill Car Donations of Iowa, 1.866.233.8586, accepts working and non-working. Tow away is free.

Auto Parts Only

Auto parts must be free of gas and oil before thrown in the garbage. Larger items are accepted at the landfills or at the curb. See how your city handles Large-Item Collection.

Did You Know?

When repairing your car, consider purchasing used auto parts. Salvage yards can offer a significant savings when purchasing a used part. Plus, you reduce your impact as cars and parts are not manufactured in Iowa. You also help create jobs for the reuse and recycling industries.

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