Cell Phones


Cell phone are considered an electronic by most recyclers, but the valuable commodity that is recycled is the rechargeable battery. 

  • American Scrap515.265.9876, see website for details
  • Batteries, view for local drop-off options (you can recycle the entire phone)
  • Cell Phones for Soldiers, 800.426.1031, reused by active duty military members and veterans
  • Electronics, this listing offers other drop-offs or outlets to sell for resell
  • Midwest Electronic Recovery, 515.226.9990
  • Operation Gratitude, takes old cell phones and provides care packages and other support for active military duty members and veterans.
  • Sell My Cell Phone, sell your cell phone or tablet online (accepts broken ones)
  • Verizon, recycles cell phones, tablets, notebook and hot spots devices from any carrier

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