Paper Cartons


Waxy coated food and beverage cartons are recyclable through:

Give the cartons a quick rinse, and throw the plastic twist-off lid in the garbage.

Do NOT Recycle

Coated paper coffee and fast food cups, while made of similar material, are not recyclable. Waxy coated paper products that are cylindrical in shape cannot be sorted at the recycling center, where an optical sorter is used and it can't detect this shape.

Did You Know?

The accepted cartons are sold to a local company, ReWall, that turns them into wall boards and ceiling tiles.This means the material is purchased, recycled, sorted and repurposed right here in Des Moines. See how the Iowa DNR used this product in area construction projects and residents have used the product in their garages. And next time you visit High Life Lounge, check out their ceiling tiles.

Also Applies to:

RECYCLABLE: aseptic, gable top, juice boxes, fiber cartons, half and half containers, cream containers, milk cartons, juice cartons
NOT RECYCLABLE: coffee cups, ice cream, cylinder shaped cartons