Glass Bottles & Jars


There’s no question that glass is recyclable, but you have options regarding what’s next! No matter which you choose, the labels can stay on and the lids come off. Give it a quick rinse then decide:

  1. Drop it off!

Glass has its own separate drop-off at the Metro Northwest Transfer Station in Grimes. When glass is kept separate, it has a lot more uses! The “clean” glass from this site is used by Ripple Glass in Kansas City to make new beverage containers and fiberglass insulation.

  1. Recycle it in your Curb It! Cart

Glass bottles and jars are also still accepted in your curbside recycling. Glass recycled this way is usually crushed for gravel and other uses.

  1. What about lids?

Metal lids from jars or bottles are also recyclable. Since they are made of different materials, simply remove the lid and place it in your cart separately.

  1. Is glass dishware the same?

Nope! Your dishware such as Pyrex or ceramic is NOT recyclable. If it’s still good, you can donate these items to your

Also Applies to:

Recycle: food jars, food bottles, food containers, baby food, beer, wine
Not Recyclable: pyrex, ceramic, dishes, cups, plates, window, mirror