Glass Bottles & Jars



Glass bottles and jars of any color can be recycled through:

The metal lids that come on many glass jars are also recyclable. Just make sure the bottles and jars are empty and give them a quick rinse.

Do NOT Recycle

No other type of glass is recyclable through the curbside program, or the recycling drop-off. In fact, even the smallest amounts of non-recyclable glass, such as Pyrex dishes, ceramic cups, window glass, or mirror glass will cause an entire semi truck load of quality glass to be rejected by the purchaser.

 If dishes are in good condition, you may consider donating them to a charitable organization such as:

More Information

 If you want more information about recycling glass, then watch this quick video.

Also Applies to:

Recycle: food jars, food bottles, food containers, baby food, beer, wine
Not Recyclable: pyrex, ceramic, dishes, cups, plates, window, mirror