Paper, Magazines & Mail

You’ve got mail: 

You know; the old fashion kind!  


When you’re done sifting through the bills, magazines, party invitations, and more, what should you do with the mail you don’t need?  


Although it might be referred to as junk, discarded mail is great for your recycling! This even includes mail with clear plastic seal as well as magazines and catalogues. 


After all the gifts have been opened:  

If it glitters, shimmers, or shines, throw it away!  

Only cards, wrapping paper, and gift bags  

without glitter, sparkly, or metallic details are  

accepted in the recycling. It’s also important to  

remove the handles off gift bags as well as  

any bows or ribbon. Tissue paper also belongs  

in the trash. 


We don’t want the gross stuff! 

If you don’t want to touch it, your recycling cart doesn’t want it either! Tissues, toilet paper, paper  

towels, paper plates, and napkins are all items  

that belong in your garbage. 


The books that don’t make the shelf: 

Hardcover and paperback books are recyclable curbside, we just ask  

that you limit the quantity. Books are heavy! A  

better option is to donate them to your local thrift  




Also Applies to:

RECYCLABLE: paper, newspaper, glossy paper, magazines, envelopes, phone books, phonebooks, paper sacks, paper bags, gift bags, toilet paper rolls, cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, pop can boxes, corrugate, corrugated, wrapping paper, gift wrap.
NOT RECYCLABLE: photo paper, pictures.