Confidential Paper Documents - Shredding Services

Curb It! Guidelines for Shredded Paper

1. Limit shredding – Only shred documents and mail containing personal information. If you are worried about your address on junk mail or envelopes, simply black it out with a marker and toss in your recycling cart.

2. Contain it – When your throw shredded paper in your recycling cart, it must be enclosed in a paper sack or box – never a plastic bag. You can even use cereal or pop can boxes. The recycling sorting process doesn't capture the small pieces of paper and plastic bags – empty or full of recyclables – are pulled from process to prevent equipment damage. Watch this Waste Management Recycling YouTube video to learn more about the sorting process.

3. Fold or tape it shut – Fold down the paper sack; close the box with a lid or the flaps. Staple or tape shut.

Drop-Off Option

If you would like to avoid the hassle of shredding your own confidential documents, drop them off at the Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-Off.

Please note:

  • Cost is $0.50/lb. for all residential and business shredding services. 
  • Shredding is not done on site. Material is stored in locked containers until it is removed by a certified document shredding company called Datashield. 
  • Datashield is AAA certified by the National Association of Information Destruction. 
  • Confidential documents only. Do not bring magazines or items that only have your address. 

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