Do the twist! No more microscopic decoding needed, if your plastics have a twist-off lid, you can recycle it in your Curb It! recycling cart.

Common Plastics

  • Laundry detergent         

  • Soda bottles

  • Food jars like peanut butter or mayonnaise

  • Soap dispensers

  • Shampoo bottles

  • Squeeze bottles like ketchup or mustard

While we want your plastics, please hold the mayo…ketchup…and mustard. Food residue and recyclables don’t mix so be sure to give your plastics a quick rinse before replacing the lid and tossing them in the cart.

What About… 

Berry containers, toys, plastic bags, tupperware, and cool whip containers? The ONLY exception to the twist-off lids are margarine and yogurt tubs – no lids please. To the rest, we say “no thank you!”

Keeping the quantities of the different types of plastics we receive in line with market demand helps ensure the success of the program for the long term. We appreciate your help!

Also Applies to:

plastic, laundry detergent, shampoo bottle, soap dispenser, squeeze bottle, soda bottle, plastic bottle, plastic lid