Sharps, Needles & Syringes


These are a regulated waste stream for businesses. Learn how to safely dispose or recycle them at your company.


Sharps includes needles and syringes, razor blades and other used items that could cause a puncture, cut or abrasion. When not properly contained, sharps can stick children, family members and sanitation workers. When sharps are brought to Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-Off, they are packaged and sent to a processor for sterilization prior to disposal.

How to Properly Contain: Residents can use laundry detergent bottles or containers for sharps (not in milk jugs or water bottles). Containers must also be taped and labeled "hazardous materials." Many drug stores and pharmacies provide suitable sharps containers.

Also Applies to:

lancets, needles, razor blades, sharps, syringes, epi pens, epipens