Accepted & Not Accepted

Cardboard & Boxes
Shredded Paper (contained)
Food & Beverage Cartons (no caps)
Glass Jars & Bottles
Aluminum & Tin Cans
Plastic Containers with Twist-Off Lids (empty and twist back on)

Yogurt & Margarine Tubs (no lids)
Not Accepted
Plastic Bags



     Metal Objects

Aluminum Pans & Foil

Plastic Storage Containers
And other plastics without twist-off lids

Glass Dishes

Garbage & Yard Waste

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What Makes It Recyclable?

There are two factors that determine if something is recyclable in your Curb It! cart:

  1. It can be sorted: The recycling sorting facility has a process to separate the material from the others.
  2. It can be sold: A manufacturer has a demand for the product and the ability to reuse it.

Metro Waste Authority works continually with its partners to determine if new materials can be included in the program. Other communities around the U.S. have different products that are accepted and not accepted based on the factors above.