Cart Service

A Compost It! cart is a convenient alternative to yard waste bags. Simply wheel it to the curb on collection day during the Compost It! season. The 96-gallon cart can hold equivalent to three yard waste bags, but the Bag & Sticker program can also be used if yard waste exceeds the cart's capacity.

Consider a cart if:

  • You purchase more than 65 bags a year.
  • You garden, bag grass clippings, have a lot of trees or don't want to hassle with bags.

First-time Enrollment & Renewal

New customers pay a one-time fee for the cart plus an annual service fee of $105. Visit your City Hall or Public Works to enroll.

Annual Renewal 

The annual fee for cart service is $105, which covers the cost of collection throughout yard waste season. Renew at your City Hall or Public Works or online. Once you renew your cart service, a 2020 Compost It! cart sticker will be provided for your cart lid, indicating the service is current. 

Renew Your Sticker Online