Aluminum Beverage Cans

When you're done popping the top, give the can a quick rinse and toss it in your recycling cart! Want to redeem your cans instead? We can help! Residents and businesses can drop off empty cans and bottles for redemption at our Metro Redemption Centers in Bondurant or Grimes! 

Did you know? Whether you recycle your aluminum can at the curb or redeem it for a nickel, it can be back on the shelf with a fresh soda in just 60 days!

Tin Cans

Just like aluminum cans, tin cans require a quick rinse before they can be recycled. To save time, leave paper labels on the cans; they will come off during the recycling process. The lid can come along too, just drop it inside the can if it’s loose. 

Metal Aerosol Cans

Believe it or not, your metal aerosol cans are also recyclable in your Curb It! cart! As long as the contents are not hazardous, you’re able to recycle it once it’s empty.