Empty pill bottles...

Empty medication bottles fall in the twist-off rule category we use when determining if a plastic is recyclable, which means YES they are accepted in your Curb It! cart. Before tossing it in, please make sure your medication bottle is empty and you've either taken the label off or blacked out the information on it with a permanent marker. 

What do I do with old medication?

  • National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day – Communities team up with local law enforcement to provide take-back locations each year, where residents can drop-off unneeded prescription medications. Keep an eye out on our social media for the next take-back day!
  • Year-round Prescription Drop-Off Locations – If you cannot make it on October 27, these locations accept year-round prescription drug drop-off.
  • Last Option: Wrap & Trash – If these options aren't convenient, we simply ask you mix the medications with other trash such as kitty litter, coffee grounds or food waste, then double bag the material and place it in the trash. Visit our recycling guide to learn how to recycle the empty prescription bottles.

DON’T FLUSH! It Contaminates Water Supply

Flushing medications down the toilet is not a safe or smart option. Across Iowa and the nation, prescription drugs are detected in rivers, waterways and groundwater, affecting fish and wildlife.